An urgent request for support before this project and its diagnosis of the human condition risks being lost. 

I have finally reached the limits of what I can do without more help.

My request includes this new video and summary below that I hope is a reasonable exchange for a small financial consideration, Patreon link at end of the page.

My twenty five year investigation into the underlying cause of our collective mental ill health and the potential for a human scale solution has resulted in an increasingly obvious diagnosis. Our collective and accelerating insanity is an inevitable consequence of a well-evidenced yet mostly unrecognised developmental failure in the most recently acquired and perceptually advanced part of our neural system.

To put it more simplistically our self-harming behaviour is symptomatic of an unusual form of brain damage.

The most insidious symptom of what is in effect a very strange form of premature senility is an increasing perceptual blindness to the existence and nature of the condition.
This is typical for dementia-like conditions.

The evidence suggests the condition we are all afflicted with is at a very late stage and a significant spectrum of the population exhibit moderate to severe symptoms making the condition either difficult to recognise or almost impossible. This would be the case even when presented with the mountain of interconnected evidence that would have to exist. Such presentation commonly elicits serious cognitive dissonance and a hostile response in those more afflicted depending on their conditioned beliefs.


Our ‘advanced’ new brain, our colossal and uniquely anomalous neo-cortex, was the direct result of our bizarre 50 million year symbiotic relationship with the reproductive system of the flowering plants via the daily ingestion of their swollen ovaries. Our new brain was essentially a symbiotic hybrid, an emergent structure that was entirely dependent on maintaining the symbiotic relationship for its structural integrity and perceptual function.

The breakdown of our symbiotic relationship was the equivalent of being physiologically torn apart from our deeply integrated angiosperm host. This would be particularly damaging for any emergent or hybrid structures that were the direct product of the relationship, in this case, our extremely delicate neo-cortex. The loss of the vastly more bio-chemically complex half of our ancestral symbiotic hybrid caused immediate and major perceptual trauma. It also initiated a slowly accelerating atrophication and erosion process in our new brain that begins in the hormonally impoverished post symbiotic mammalian uterus.

The process of reversion is exactly what would be expected for an emergent structure that was the direct product of a co-evolving symbiotic hybrid.

With this diagnosis, it becomes possible to understand the nature of our dangerously compromised mental health and descent into delusion and extreme self-harming behaviour.

What this understanding also brings is the potential for immediate and effective treatments that can bring rapid relief while a complete solution is developed.
Many effective treatments already exist that can restore a semblance of sanity as well as enhanced cognition and could be universally deployed if we choose to do so.

The headline diagnosis.

Post symbiotic reversion, atrophication and erosion or a catastrophic developmental failure in our new brain.

Put quite simply, intentionally using the emotive term of ‘brain damage’ could provide the psychological reaction and cultural imperative for an urgent response.
Perhaps sufficient to negate the common delusory symptom and expose it for what it is, that of maintaining our currently atrophying and self-harming neural configuration being anything other than confirmation of said diagnosis.

I have been reluctant to request the kind of help and support a project of this scale and potential importance requires.
This is no doubt due to my own psychological dysfunction and cognitive dissonance. I have only recently fully accepted what the data predicts.
A condition so severe that the notion I had of developing a compelling case with the data alone that could be easily recognised and become self-propagating in the wider community was clearly inconsistent with the very same data.

It is not the lack of evidence, it is everywhere (as it would have to be) once you ask the relevant question and make the effort to look. The much greater challenge is the perceptual and psychological symptoms and related defence mechanisms that are much more insidious than I wanted to accept. That is not to say the problem is insurmountable but it will require a more concerted and multifaceted approach to breach those defences and that will require much more support and collaboration. I am initially hoping to reach a greater number of the small percentage of the population who can more easily perceive the contextual diagnosis. From there it will be possible to develop approaches to more effectively communicate the diagnosis in simplified and accessible formats that are beyond my abilities. The objective would then be to reach a much wider audience in such a way that makes a compelling case for an urgent and appropriate response to what is a catastrophic developmental failure in our new brain.

The tipping point for me was the recent discovery of an academic paper that was published in 2005 on the unique degree of neural atrophication in the human neo-cortex. It must have slipped through the net during my original trawl for evidence. I was aware of related data scattered throughout other publications. What set this apart was the clarity of the data being presented in one publication and an accompanying image, an MRI scan that showed the severity of typical atrophication and erosion. Taken together with evidence demonstrating how anomalous this kind of neural atrophication is as well as the much more compelling data on the juvenilising or ‘anti ageing’ effects of plant reproductive compounds that has emerged during the last ten years and it hit very hard.

During a reversion or maturational feedback loop of this nature the traits we see in our evolutionary past such as the transition from rapidly accelerating neural expansion to sudden stall and shrinkage are echoed during our individual lifetime and vice versa.
Developmental failure beginning in the uterus and linked to our uninhibited mammalian maturation hormones accelerates as the same maturation hormones transform us into a mature mammal.

Unfortunately, a ‘normal’ maturational hormone regime has a devastating impact on what was once symbiotic and almost embryonic neural tissue, it prematurely ages, atrophies and slowly withers away.

I knew what I was really looking at was our once unique perceptual equipment at the wrong end of the long fall from grace, quite literally the dying body of evidence that our ancestors warned us about captured on camera. It was quite obvious that the severity of the condition was exactly as the data implies. There is barely any remaining capacity for the perception of reality in our most withered hemisphere and without treatment accessing the relics of such capacity in our less withered hemisphere is challenging at best.
It was also clear how psychologically and perceptually imprisoned we are by our now quite primitive neural substrate and its default of conditioned behaviour we unwittingly identify with regardless of how much it conflicts with reality.

The idea of a relatively easy way to present a compelling data-based diagnosis to all but the least atrophied minds was clearly a waste of time.  
It is not that the data is irrelevant, far from it, it will be essential in developing more effective means of circumventing the psychological barriers to treatment that are typical with dementia-like conditions.
However, this far exceeds my capacity and is why much more support and collaboration is required.

So back to what would be most helpful.

The most precious commodity for me are extended periods of stress-free time to run relentless simulations and distillations of complex data until quite often a remarkably simple abstract finally emerges i.e. 'Post Symbiotic Reversion'.

I funded the project initially with my own resources and then with accumulating debt. I have received occasional financial support over the years with donations and loans for which I am grateful. This was always just sufficient to slow the descent into financial meltdown.

However, that bought time has allowed me to develop a more simplified diagnosis that has been increasingly recognised by enough intelligent minds to tell me that it is at least worth pursuing.  

More recently and with some encouragement I set up a Patreon page to solicit support, it has attracted up to 40 patrons at times to whom I am also grateful.

However, the reality is this is far short of what is needed just to keep the project going.

I have always resisted charging for the core material of the developing theory as even in its early form it appeared that it was potentially important and it felt appropriate to share freely.

I have maintained some form of web site presence hosting increasingly coherent outlines of my work since 1996.

No doubt those early versions were incomprehensible to all but the most determined out of the box thinkers but the basic idea has slowly evolved into a theory that at least some can grasp in its entirety.

Much more can be done to simplify what is in many ways a quite simple but unfamiliar and contextual theory however I am now financially destitute with significant debt and currently resorting to buying basics on credit which is imminently unsustainable.

The basic costs to maintain the project are around £1500 per month.

More would facilitate greater progress in translating my somewhat convoluted work into more accessible formats to reach a wider audience and begin developing necessary collaborations.

My hope was and remains to attract at least 1500 people sufficiently intrigued or convinced by the diagnosis I have developed and the staggering possibilities it may offer to regularly contribute relatively insignificant financial support, a symbiotic solution of sorts.

If there is not at least that amount of support it is clear that my work is flawed in its conception or the perceptual and cognitive dissonance it predicts is even more acute than I realise.

However reaction so far is interesting on several levels.
Universal rejection would imply the diagnosis is incorrect or so complex it cannot be understood.

Universal acceptance would also imply major flaws as the diagnosis predicts a spectrum of perceptual symptoms and a fairly high percentage of cognitive dissonance and anosognosia.

What has emerged is a recognition of the diagnosis that mirrors the proposed condition and the objective data though it does suggest the condition is rather more severe than I wanted to believe.

Many people without the relevant abstract knowledge simply agree that 'brain damage' appears to fit our general behaviour which is very interesting and relevant.
More contextual thinkers with relevant abstract knowledge do feature predominantly among those who have offered support and endorsement for the data based theory.
This suggests that whether you can decipher the abstract data or not there is something worth investigating, translating into more accessible formats and bringing to a much wider attention.

Either way, my ongoing involvement is currently precarious and will soon be untenable unless I can find an even more austere means to exist and continue.

I am finally quite pleased with the basic diagnosis; it appears to fit the objective academic data in broad context and accords with ancient ancestral traditions of serious perceptual trauma and descent into delusion.
It also predicts our current slide into ever deeper delusion and increasingly primitive and dangerous self-destructive behaviour.

Most importantly of all it offers a relatively simple, rapid and human scale solution to the overwhelming problems such a condition would inevitably create. 

Despite the profound implications, the diagnosis has received significant support from a broad spectrum of society’s sharpest minds that suggests it should at least be given very serious consideration.

If you think it is possible that a serious neurological condition with dementia-like symptoms could explain our current predicament and the treatment of such a condition could offer a simple solution to our current predicament then please support this project.

This can be done directly with a small monthly donation of just a Pound or equivalent via the Patreon link below or by sharing this page with anyone concerned about our accelerating self-destructive trajectory.

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My C.V. and ongoing commitment.

I have developed the only theory of human origins that accounts for the inevitable hormonal impact our symbiotic relationship with the reproductive system of the angiosperms must have had on our physiological and neural development.

It has received support from scholars and academics with greater knowledge than my own in their respective fields.

The theory comes with a built-in diagnosis of the current human condition that also accounts for our ancestral traditions and the objective data generated by modern science.

I remain committed to further developing the work with the intention of finding causal solutions to our unfolding tragedy of self-destructive behaviour.

I cannot do that without significantly more collaboration and support.