Simple Summaries To Provide Context And Stimulate The Relics Of Our Capacity For Critical and Creative Thinking

Before getting lost in the usual convoluted introduction I seem to write for every page a quick written and pictorial summary and some introductory links.

Lure your typical primitive mammal into a very bizarre 'ovary eating' symbiotic relationship.
Effectively implant primitive mammal into the flowering plants 'womb'.
Primitive mammal is slowly turned back into a fetus during 50 million years of 'gestation'.
Normal maturation is suspended while early developmental and neural proliferation windows are extended.
Primitive mammalian brain proliferates and is eventually encased in a new layer of increasingly embryonic neural tissue.
Emerging new brain and its structurally uniform embryonic tissue has rare capacity to activate in unison and behave as a coherent whole (think long slow brainwaves).
Coherent neural activity facilitates the amplification of sub-cellular quantum resonance creating a unified macro-quantum state.
This capacity is quite literally a huge quantum leap in perceptual function and provided us with an ultra hi-resolution sense of self our ancestors described as profound and divine.
After tens of millions of years, the deeply fetalised mammal is expelled from its symbiotic hosts 'womb'.
The trauma of experiencing a miscarriage after millions of years of increasing integration included an immediate loss of and subsequent chronic deficiency in symbiotic neurochemistry.
With the loss of the unique womb-like environment and complex cocktail of reproductive biochemistry required for 'normal' symbiotic growth and development as well as maintaining structural integrity, the newly emergent or hybrid structures inevitably begin to fail.
Erosion of extremely rare perceptual capacity facilitated by the delicate embryonic neural structure is the inevitable result.

We are at the far wrong end of this process and without an urgent response the relics of our divine self will be lost forever as our perceptual system continues to fail at an accelerating rate

Recipe for one giant stretched fetus with a massive and new kind of perceptual system. 

(Rather rough exploded diagrams)

Take one basic primitive mammal.

      tree shrew

Take one alien reproductive system.

        plant womb

Plug basic primitive mammal into an alien reproductive system with a seed disseminating symbiotic relationship.

While the conduit is oral via the ingestion of reproductive biochemistry, the result has parallels with an intermittently connected umbilical cord.

Hosts reproductive system               Cheri   
Oral conduit but effectively an umbilical cord  inverted
Basic primitive mammal               invert

While the mammal appears physically distinct it is effectively implanted and embedded into the hosts reproductive system.
Over millions of years, it is slowly biologically integrated during its epic gestation creating a very rare symbiotic hybrid.


Here is one prepared much earlier...

Typical mammalian developmental processes are slowed in turn expanding and amplifying the neural proliferation window.
With each generation the basic mammal is incrementally fetalised

Hosts reproductive system                Cheri   
Oral conduit but effectively an umbilical cord  inverted
Voila one giant stretched fetus    lo res
or extremely fetalised mammal


Slowly simmer (gestate) basic mammal in juvenilising cocktail of endocrine disrupting reproductive compounds for around 50 million years.
This inhibits maturation, extends and amplifies developmental windows.
The basic primitive mammal is slowly juvenilised resulting in an ever taller larger brained 'fetus'


If the now highly fetalised mammal is disconnected from its symbiotic host's reproductive system and left to stew in own mammalian hormonal juices it will slowly and inevitably revert to original primitive form.

Interesting that the Egyptian 'mythological symbolism' of procreation and nurturing of divine progeny appears to have its roots in some kind of symbiosis with the reproductive system of the angiosperms...

Suckling     Isis     Symbiosis

Egyptian Suckling Tree Goddess?

Introductory context and the evolution of distilling the key data into a more coherent summary

I get quite a bit of reaction to my developing theory suggesting it is difficult for some to understand.
While I have no doubt that my convoluted writing style is less than helpful I am reasonably convinced that the core data and outline theory is not at all difficult to understand rather it is arranged in a novel context and therefore perceptually unfamiliar.

Interestingly the relevant neurological and psychological data inform us that both novel information and contextual information are very difficult for our current neural configuration to initially perceive particularly if it conflicts with existing paradigms and beliefs.

The story of the blind men and an elephant demonstrate the challenge, only by making the effort to step back and assess the new data in context without the hindrance of existing beliefs does it slowly come into focus and begin to make some sense.


What can appear to be an impenetrable mystery of disconnected clues can suddenly and magically transform into a simple and obvious new interpretation.

It is simple enough to follow the evolution of the 'post symbiotic reversion theory' and its distillation into its current structure presented on this site.
In doing so it becomes easier to see the familiar data and jigsaw pieces being slowly re-arranged into what is hopefully a more coherent picture that can tell us something about the nature of our current state of mind.

Aside from an early rather dense summary published in an academic journal in 1998 my first effort to pull the evidence together in an accessible format was 'Left in the Dark', a book written in the early 2000s.
With hindsight, I tried to bring too much together and arrange it around a core of neurological data which made it more difficult to see how the overall picture fitted together.

I have since concluded that a more simplified core built around our ancestral symbiotic relationship is easier to understand, while the book can still be a helpful introduction recent material is more coherent making it easier to see the context once it becomes perceptually familiar.

So a list of introductory material that will help to perceptually decipher the dense and unfamiliar new summaries on this site.

'Left in the Dark'/'Return to the Brain of Eden'

A useful introduction to the basic theory, more notes on the linked book page.

'The Insanity of Humanity'

A four-part introductory video series that builds on the book and provides additional context.

'Intro to; The Real Matrix; Exposing the source code so you can start to 'Free Your Mind' link below'

A video introduction to a web page intended to test your capacity to self-assess your perceptual and mental health etc.

'The reason we have gone completely mad. A quick summary of human origins explaining our insanity'

A short video summary of the basic theory in its current form.

Additional summaries and notes, some intentional repetition or slight variations as it helps create perceptual depth when assessing a new idea, more to follow.

Remember to deploy some basic critical thinking rather than simply pointing out that the theory does not accord with current interpretations of the data.
Otherwise, by definition, it wouldn't be a new interpretation...! 

Our ancestors developed a very unusual relationship with the plant kingdom, we were plugged into the plant's reproductive system and drank its reproductive juices for tens of millions of years. This relationship slowly turned us into stretched fetuses and grew us a giant fetal like brain. Our new fetal brain had very special abilities, its neural structure became increasingly uniform and more like undeveloped embryonic neural tissue. The uniform structure meant it could light up in a synchronised fashion and that gave it the traits we think of as human, very high intelligence, a playful and empathic nature that lacked hierarchy and aggression and a sense of self that our ancestors described as profound and divine.

Inheritance Mechanism.

Coming soon


Our once unique embryonic-like new brain or neo-cortex is almost completely broken.
Our new brain suffers serious developmental problems resulting in structural malformation, it then atrophies and withers away. Our new brain was an emergent structure, its normal growth, development and function was a product of and entirely dependant on remaining plugged into the reproduction system of the angiosperms. Once unplugged from its juvenilising host it starts to prematurely age, atrophy and shrivel.
We all suffer by degrees from a strange form of senile dementia that by definition is much more severe than we can easily recognise despite a mountain of evidence staring us in the face.

Our distant ancestors knew they were afflicted as their symptoms were milder than ours. Our symptoms are now so severe we base our societal structures around an increasingly concerted global effort to turn our
paradisiacal home and our incredibly rare and fleeting existence into a living hell and all the while we play ‘make-believe’ that we are an advanced civilisation.  

Separation from our ancestral host results in massive and chronic neurochemical deficiency and initiates a slow-motion lobotomisation of our advanced new brain courtesy of increasing exposure to our own mammalian hormones.

We are a symbiotic species and somewhat obviously our massive new brain was the inevitable by-product of our very very weird ancestral relationship with our hosts 'womb'.
For more than 50 million years we evolved in a symbiotic relationship with the reproductive system of the flowering plants. The relationship was based on seed dissemination in return for a ‘drink all you want reproductive juice bar’ via the daily ingestion of swollen ovaries. Drinking reproductive juice daily for millions of years created a uniquely juvenile developmental environment that initiated the proliferation of our new brain. Whenever this kind of symbiotic relationship breaks down any emergent or hybrid structures that co-evolved such as our new brain can no longer be sustained by us alone. This is because it was really our symbiotic host that grew us our new brain. Our host, the flowering plant's reproductive system provided the biochemically complex and juvenilising reproductive environment that was essential for our new brains proliferation as well as its structural and functional integrity. We spent the vast majority of our evolutionary past plugged into a juvenilising reproductive system that kept us in a state of perpetual gestation and slowly transformed us into stretched giant brained fetuses.

Our distant ancestor was a basic mammal with basic mammalian physiology and a basic mammalian brain. We formed an extraordinarily strange relationship with the flowering plant kingdom by plugging directly into its reproductive system and drinking its reproductive biochemistry for tens of millions of years.
Reproductive plant biochemistry has a juvenilising effect on mammals; it instructs the mammalian organism to develop into a juvenile form. This is due in part to the plant reproductive bio-chemistry blocking the action of the mammalian hormones that normally instruct the mammal to mature.

Being plugged into a reproductive system slowly changed us into a more juvenile form and induced our brain to grow by extending the normal period of brain growth. So our expanding new brain was simply a by-product of the unusual symbiotic relationship. The neural expansion slowly accelerated and it became huge, it was also very different from our ancient mammalian brain with radically new abilities.

We are a symbiotically fetalised mammal maturing and reverting to our pre-symbiotic form since becoming separated from our hosts reproductive system.

According to all known developmental mechanisms, it is impossible to have a 50 million year plus co-evolving symbiotic relationship being plugged into an alien reproductive system without causing a massive impact on all facets of development, growth and function. The accepted data predicts a process of fetalisation and an accelerating proliferation of increasingly embryonic neural tissue that would be classified as an emergent or hybrid structure. When such relationships breakdown the loss of connection to our host's reproductive system and the rich cocktail of hormonally active compounds has an equally massive impact initiating a reversion process that results in the erosion of hybrid traits and a return to a more typical form.

We all have a serious developmental and structural failure in our new brain, it then atrophies and withers away.

This is the really fucking obvious reason we are waging industrial-scale war on our paradisiacal home 24/7 and yes wait for it...the exact same really fucking obvious reason we have a well-documented history of serial and increasingly genocidal self-harm that is also going on 24/7 right now. Our increasingly primitive and moronic behaviour will continue to get worse unless we can recognise and treat the developmental failure that is the cause of our collective insanity.
Unfortunately one of the common perceptual symptoms of our well-documented dementia-like condition is that it makes us almost blind to its existence and even hostile to the very idea despite the mountain of evidence that would have to exist if we bothered to look.

Inevitably we generally assume our normal day to day self, our usual behaviour and our routine activities could not be a symptom of a serious developmental failure in our new brain as that is usually all we know.
Check out our historic behavioural norms even 100 years ago, any hint of serious mental health issues?
How do you think our descendants will perceive our current self-harming culture and the unrelenting, repetitive and senseless day to day behaviour it requires to create maintain and be part of what appears to be the most self-destructive civilisation in history.
It might help to take a look at the day to day lives of typical people in several distinct cultures well removed from mainstream western culture or whatever culture you are already most familiar with as it can begin to provide some sense of objectivity.

Interestingly there are ancestral 'treatments' specifically targeted at escaping the limited and deluded ‘normal’ self in order to catch a glimpse of our ancestral self, what a strange coincidence. The more powerful treatments induce a common theme of a powerfully coherent 'more real' and even divine experience of self that is shockingly expansive.

Our rapidly expanding neo-cortex was an emergent structure or by-product of our juvenilising symbiotic relationship with an extremely unusual host, the reproductive system of the flowering plants. When the relationship broke down our neo-cortex was exposed to our ancient mammalian hormones and inevitably began to age, atrophy and shrivel up as the juvenile environment it required for its growth and function was lost.