Headline Diagnosis (Post Symbiotic Reversion)

Headline diagnosis of the human condition

When the fundamental nature and developmental impact of our ancestral symbiotic relationship are analysed in context the data from a large number of distinct academic disciplines elegantly assembles and points to an inevitable, obvious and simple conclusion:

'Post Symbiotic Reversion'

The incredibly unique design factors and the biochemically complex operating system that were essential for the emergence, development and normal functioning for our highly advanced new brain was provided by our symbiotic host, the reproductive system of the flowering plants.
Separation from our host's reproductive system inevitably resulted in immediate and massive neurochemical deficiency and initiated a progressive developmental failure and the slow atrophication and eventual erosion of our once unique hybrid perceptual system.


We are all suffering from a catastrophic developmental failure in our new brain or neocortex.

The failure afflicts everyone by degrees with a spectrum of dementia-like symptoms that make it very difficult to recognise the condition even when we are presented with compelling evidence.

Our unique perceptually and cognitively expanded new brain has atrophied and is slowly withering away.

Our ancestral neural capacity for facilitating a profound, deeply interconnected and hi-resolution sense of self with advanced cognitive ability has virtually disappeared.

Powerful treatments are now required to access even a distorted hint of what our ancestors experienced as their normal day to day state of being.

We are all extremely mentally ill and slowly reverting to an ever more primitive form with an ever more primitive neural system.


Our neural structure or neural architecture in the most recently acquired area of our new brain is now badly malformed and chronically deficient in complex neuro-active chemistry.

The cause?

Sudden exposure to relatively high and rapidly increasing levels of activity from powerful mammalian maturational hormones after they were released from millions of years of inhibition.

So basically our own maturational hormones (testosterone and estrogens) cause our new brain to rapidly and prematurely over-mature, age, atrophy and erode.

The premature ageing and atrophication process is hemispherically asymmetric, in other words, one side of our new brain is afflicted more quickly and severely than the other.

This is the same side or hemisphere that now facilitates our primary or day to day perception, our sense of who we are and our perceptual and cognitive ability.

Essentially we have been and continue to be lobotomised by our own hormones as their elevated activity slowly transforms our unique symbiotic perceptual system and returns it to that of a typical primitive mammal.


Due to the premature and rapid ageing of our new brain relative to that of our symbiotic ancestor's we collectively suffer from a strange form of early-onset senile dementia.

Symptoms include anosognosia, delusion, confabulation, denial, fear, aggression, loss of cognition, constricted and distorted perception, inability to perceive reality and inability to perceive unfamiliar context etc.

As our neural tissue or perceptual substrate has reverted to a more primitive form our sense of self is increasingly limited to conditioned early experience and learning.

Our brain now rapidly matures and as its 'early learning' plasticity rapidly atrophies those early experiences become a rigid psychological prison that define our sense of self or who we think we are.

Identifying with and being restricted by our conditioned learning and beliefs makes us very vulnerable to brainwashing, manipulation and exploitation etc as we can be easily programmed early in life to follow a vast range of dysfunctional and conflicted agendas.

Please take the time to watch this video.


Now ask yourself the following question:

How on earth could we be capable of or be subject to such extreme self-harming behaviour?

We exhibit a level of mental illness so severe that we still think of ourselves as an advanced species while accelerating our descent into a hell of our own making.

As with many serious or late-stage mental health conditions, the patient (us) is typically subjectively blind to or unaware of the existence and severity of the condition.

Even when we are presented with the mountain of diagnostic evidence that would have to exist we typically deploy of a raft of hostile defence mechanisms in an effort to preserve our conditioned identity.

The symptoms combine and together have created a species-wide case of the Dunning Kruger effect that is much more severe than is possible to easily to recognise.

The data is informing us that we are caught in the mother of all 'Catch 22s' and we can only begin to recognise our predicament by being willing to repeatedly and thoroughly assess the relevant objective data while giving serious consideration to the possibility that our neural system is badly compromised.

The objective data can then guide us towards essential and urgently required treatments that in turn can begin to restore some semblance of sanity and the capacity to more easily recognise our dire predicament.

This diagnosis is a kind of  'you are here' map that traces a path through the huge mountain of data we have generated and can guide us out of the abyss of madness we now mistake for normality.

How and Why?

According to powerful and well understood basic biological and specific developmental mechanisms, this condition is the inevitable consequence of our highly unusual ancestral symbiotic relationship.

Our extraordinarily anomalous new brain emerged during our 50 million year plus symbiotic relationship with the reproductive system of the flowering plants.

We co-evolved with and became increasingly integrated into the flowering plant's reproductive system, our relationship was effectively one of perpetual gestation in a permanently juvenilising environment.

That relationship inhibited our maturational hormones and facilitated the proliferation of a new and increasingly embryonic mass of neural tissue, our huge neo-cortex.

The essential developmental and operating environment for our huge new brain was an incredibly rare and complex hybrid molecular ecology.

The combination of a typical mammal's basic biochemistry heavily modified and diluted by perpetual infusion with a constant flood of highly complex plant reproductive biochemistry.

When our symbiotic relationship broke down our delicate embryonic new brain was inevitably exposed to increasing activity from our own mammalian hormones and so it rapidly aged.

There is absolutely no way for our mammalian system to compensate for the loss of our symbiotic host's incredibly complex reproductive biochemistry.

Therefore there is absolutely no way our hybrid or symbiotic brain can even begin to develop or function normally on its own.

The developmental failure begins in the uterus and accelerates as we mature resulting in atrophication and erosion.


Our individual and collective state of mind and behaviour is, at a simplistic level, facilitated by our neural system.

Any change in the precise configuration of our neural systems structural architecture and its neuro-chemical operating system has a massive impact on our perception and behaviour.

According to the accepted evolutionary and developmental data, our basic mammalian neural system has been modified more fundamentally and uniquely than pretty much any other species.

First, it was completely transformed via an extremely rare symbiotic relationship and proliferated into a giant embryonic hybrid brain with radically new abilities.

Then it was separated from its host's reproductive system and is now maturing and being transformed back into a basic mammalian brain.

The diagnosis may appear extreme yet it seems to fit our collective behaviour (The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity) and history is littered with the commentary of apparently intelligent people who have come to corroborating conclusions.

“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

These are a few slides from an old presentation that summarise some of the key points, just follow the simple and basic developmental mechanisms here and throughout this web site and each step reveals a piece of the picture.

Our own very powerful steroidal sex hormones play a massive role


The accepted data provides a simple explanation when these two core jigsaw pieces are joined together


Our highly anomalous traits begin to make sense when you factor in our strange evolutionary ecology.


Our past symbiotic trajectory, accelerating expansion


Our current post symbiotic trajectory, accelerating atrophication and erosion

 greater steroids

We co-evolved as a mobile appendage of the flowering plant's reproductive system and over time became deeply integrated at the hormonal and biochemical level.
The uniquely rich molecular ecology became the essential developmental environment and required operating system for what was our new hybrid neural system.

Our symbiotic relationship kept us in a juvenile state allowing our new brain to expand while simultaneously preventing it from maturing and ageing, we were literally permanently plugged into the fountain of eternal youth and held in a perpetually regenerative state.

Basically, our ancestral mythology was correct, massive perceptual trauma followed by a slide into all-encompassing delusion despite our ancestor's herculean efforts to develop treatments.
The modern language translation supports the basic proposal of being abruptly ejected from our symbiotic host's womb after millions of years of biological integration.
This was effectively as traumatic as trying to survive a miscarriage that impacted our brain as if we had experienced a damaging blunt force trauma and initiated a cascade of complex physiological problems. 

The breakdown of our symbiotic relationship tore apart our hybrid neural system, hybrid endocrine system, hybrid reproductive system and hybrid immune system at the hormonal and biochemical level resulting in multiple system failures and led to the distortion, atrophication and erosion of our unique symbiotic perceptual lens.

References for the key jigsaw pieces can be found on this page.